Bolivia Ask!


Q: Dozens of variations of “I’m told you’ll have a new president by 2025 YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY”

A: Alright, alright, calm down! (It’s not necessary to send that many…) How about you elaborate that some further? Presidents come and go anyways and Evo isn’t immortal or something…

Say goodbye, as we dance with the devil tonight

Don’t you dare look at him in the eye

As we dance with the devil tonight.


(Art by mun)


Q1: Hey Julio I have a question, who do you support at the world cup?

Q2: My dear Julio -runs and hugs- Who do you want to win the world cup 2014 or who do you support?

A: Brazil! Or Germany! Just- not HIM!


Q1: What if one day, you woke up as a girl… what would Chile, Argentina and Brazil say?

Q2: Julito, have you ever thought about how you would be treated as if you were a girl?


CL: (Flat) Brat.

AR: Annoying flattie.

BR: Little flat girl. (Hue hue hue)

BO: Go die.


P: Podrías dibujar a Bolivia 2P, por favor?

[Mun: Sorry it took me so long OTL]


Q: There’s even MORE people that love you than what you already know, my beloved Juito jkshfksdjf you could have a fanclub =w= How would you fell if you had the biggest fanclub out of all the Latin characters? How would your everyday life be, recieving message after message from your crazy fans?


La Paz - Bolivia

 by CelsoDiniz

(Source: superbnature)


Q: Julio! Let’s play a game! I’ll say a word and you’ll answer with the first thing that comes to your mind! Understood? Good! Let’s begin!: “Upper”


((OOC: Headcanon de la Lin y mío, strip basado en este oneshot que sigue tocando mis feels a niveles que nadie, NADIE se imagina.

Also, crappy gif version here.

Debería autodespedirme por OTP spam, OTL))


Q: Hi, Julin! I’ve been wondering, how did you meet Manuel?

A: I don’t know why the hell you would like to know that but, well…

One of the many times I went out to play by myself, when I finally got bored of waiting for Miguel and Gandpa… 

After a long walk, I stopped by, to take a good look at all the things Gramps used to say, belonged to us. 

And I got carried away, actually, thinking about kids’ stuff.

Without noticing it, I dropped my panpipe. The one Grandpa gave me, and also the one I loved so much.

It fell down a small crag, and… it really sounds pathetic, but I couldn’t do anything but to sit down and cry. It got stuck between some branches, but I couldn’t reach…

And I just kept on crying right next to that crag, without noticing someone was nearby, approaching me.

I barely turned around to see who it was, so quickly that at fist glance, I couldn´t tell if it was a girl or a boy, but… the next thing I saw was them going down that giant rock… and to get my panpipe.

It was dangerous, I knew that. And it’s why I tried to help, to do what I could. And in the end… we got ir back. I couldn’t be more grateful, and happy.

I remember them telling me to try and not lose what was important to me.

And I didn’t even get why I could understand his language, but I did.

Then he turned around, leaving. So I hurried up and thanked, and I did it from the bottom of my heart.

And then he just… turned around and smiled at me. I only thought that smile could compete with my brother’s, whose smile was already like the sun.

…That was the first and last time we sincerely smiled at each other.

But I know, and I know well… that I’m the only idiot who still remembers it.